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Will the Recession Factor Ever Affect the BPO Industry of India?


The majority of the BPO companies in India provide specific services at reasonable prices.  This is the main reason; most of the big organizations are outsourcing the task to India. After the recession in the USA, the Indian BPO industry has gradually gained more popularity.

The majority of the developed countries such as Australia, UK or USA have chosen India as the preferred location. The main reason behind this is the availability of latest technology and numerous technically sound professionals. Some other countries such as the Philippines, China and some other Asian countries have a deficiency of qualified professionals. They are referred to as second best in respect to India.

BPO Industry of India

India offers an extensive range of qualified human resource at a very reasonable cost. The majority of the organizations of the Western countries save much of their time, resources and infrastructure by outsourcing their noncore processes to India. The call centre companies of India have the required skill and experience to manage these functions.      

The economic recession definitely has a tremendous impact on the Indian BPO industry. Research has concluded that the recession factor will surely affect the BPO services offered in India. At the same time, the recession factor will invariably make many offshore companies of the western countries outsource their business functions to India with respect to the finance industry. During the next five years, there will be more outsourcing projects handled by the call center companies of India. In fact, BPO Organizations are making business activities more convenient.

The BPO Companies of India Covering the Entire Corporate Sector

The benefits of the call centers of India have been extensively used by the corporate sectors to create numerous job openings. The jobs come along with creativity in training and assignment of new job responsibilities. Previously, call centers are only meant to offer inbound services.

The inbound call center is ideal for customer related or post sale services. Nowadays, call center service is also offered through outbound services and website related services which are much more advanced than any inbound BPO.

BPO Companies in India

Outbound call center services comprises of essential business strategies such as research by market, verification services, credit management. Among all these different categories, you need to realize that the business entities greatly depend on the performance of the inbound and outbound agents hired by the BPO Company. Some of the outsourcing services offered by the Indian BPO Companies are telemarketing, launch of products, prospecting and sales outsourcing. The credit management services comprise of collection, verification and authorization.

Verification services are employment verification, insurance verification and third party verification. Research of market is conducted by experienced people who look for the required information in the most favorable manner. Survey researches, opinion surveys, survey of client satisfaction are some instances of the market research conducted by various BPO companies in India.

BPO services in India have earned a reputation in the outsourcing industry. In India, any work is completed in a much more convenient manner than anywhere else. The huge population along with proper English speaking human resource is one of the major reasons behind the success of BPO industry in India.

The Beneficial Services Provided by BPO Companies of India

Customers are the main requirements for every business. It is considered to be a very difficult task to impress customers. This is the main reason most of the companies outsource this task to any BPO company. The BPO companies relieve the organizations of the headache of hectic workload.

BPO is now a very booming industry in India. It is simple to make plans. But proper application of those plans can be really difficult. During expansion period, it may be very hard for the organizations to focus properly on all their processes. This is where the call centre companies play an effective role to help organizations focus more on the core processes.
Beneficial Services Provided by BPO Companies
The call center companies offer lucrative advantages and salary to their staffs. There are huge requirement of human resource in this sector. Anybody being a graduate with good communication skills can get a secured job in a BPO company. These companies also train its employees properly to make them work much more effectively.

There are many female employees who also work in call centre companies. Though it is true that we heard the news of the rape and murder of a girl recently who worked in a BPO company, but still special measures are taken for safety of female employees. They are hiring the drivers and other such staffs after complete analysis of their background. Special equipment are also installed in the pickup drop vehicles of these female employees which comes along with a remote control handled by the female employee to ensure complete safety of these employees.