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Outbound Is the Weapon of Economic Boom

BPO industry in India is a whopping eleven billion US dollar business and more than three million people work in this sector. A considerable amount of these revenues comes from the IT sector. The BPO industry started in India when AMEX initialized its operations in Gurgaon, Delhi.

With a strong growth expected for the banking industry many banks actually are planning to increase their use of call center services. This is due to the low appetite of capital spending given the uncertainty in business environment and a strong inclination for organizational agility. Many organizations are actually moving towards the mixed economy model involving both in-house and outsourcing facilities.

An Outbound Call Center maintains a follow up for its customers to collect additional information. They sell products or services, ask for donations, and schedule appointments for call backs which are potential customers. It is their responsibility to make the call as successful as possible, without making customers angry or dissatisfied during the conversation. An effective outbound call center hires sales consultants who are knowledgeable of basic sale methods and principles. Due to this requirement, most call center companies hire those agents who have previous working experience, those who have worked in reputed BPOs before. Outbound services earn huge revenue because they strictly work on the fundamentals of customer satisfaction.

In the modern business world, it is not adequate to advertise and expect the market to come by way of an inbound call. Existing customers need to be stroked occasionally to encourage them to be loyal and it is more important to fish new customers to expand the prospects of revenue. Outbound is the core part of any organization’s marketing strategy. It is a way of developing valuable customer base and building a strong trustworthy relationship between the organization and its loyal customers.

The Lucrative Aspect of Availing BPO Services


Hiring any BPO company will not only offer you competitive upper hand but also free you from the increasing overhead expenses. In this way there will be no compromise with quality as BPO companies hire extremely proficient and professional employees only.  They mainly focus on offering complete customer satisfaction.

A BPO company mainly offers technical support, back office and call center services.  The call centers mainly offer Voice and Non voice services. The voice services can again be subdivided into inbound and outbound services. The inbound services are offered through phone using the voice mail service. Your customers will call on the inbound number regarding complaints, queries or any kind of orders.

Availing BPO Services

The customer service through an inbound call center helps to better the relation between a company and the customer.  It also betters your brand image before your potential customers. By hiring a BPO company, you prevent the expenses of hiring agents within your company. The agents of the international BPO performs round the clock to offer best quality customer care services.

On the other hand, the outbound services mainly comprise of telemarketing. A skilled call centre agent calls the prospective clients to make them purchase the products and services of the outsourced company. You can enhance the sales figure and generate sales leads for your business.  Different kinds of survey processes also form an integral part of outbound services. All these services betters the profitability of the outsourced company.

The Different Services Provided by an Outbound Call Center

A BPO company offers different kinds of services according to specializations. The services are classified into various departments to enhance its effectiveness. The outbound call centers also falls under such department which works on various kinds of business processes. Here potential customers are called for marketing of products and services of their clients.

The organizations choose outbound call center services for success of their business and to survive fierce competition.  There are various kinds of services which are offered by this type of call centers. In fact, leads are also generated by using these outbound services. The outbound call centers derive the contact details of various people and call them to promote the products of their clients.

Outbound Call Center

Survey is very important to find out the taste and preferences of people. The agents of outbound call center calls customers in order to convince them. The entire process is conducted over the phone for getting the feedback of consumers. It helps the BPO agents to realize their level of performance and thereby improve it.

Telemarketing is another service that is provided through this type of call centre. The agents call potential customers to market the products of their clients. The process demands a team of experienced callers with great communication skills. They update the potential customers about the products in order to make them purchase those products. In this way they also promote the information of the products.