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The Myths Regarding the Indian BPO Industry

It’s been only 2 decades that the BPO industry first originated in India. In spite of that strong reality, the industry has shown extraordinary growth as the worth of this industry is now over fifty billion dollars. This is what makes it a remarkable industry in India and all over the world.

The BPO or call centre industry of India has ensured its growth due to the reality that the distinction between the average salary of any US employee working in the IT industry and that of any Indian employee are far and away. This reality is backed by the ever increasing salary of the BPO industry in India.

Indian BPO Industry

The next myth famous in the call center industry is that the Philippines and China will surpass India as an interesting centre of BPO organizations. The statement is not far from reality. We all have noticed that in the last few years, the Philippines have made remarkable growth in various voice processes of the BPO industry and the BPO industry of Philippines worth over seven billion, and contribute almost 5% of the GDP of the country in respect to the Indian BPO industry which only contributed over 3% of the GDP of India.

Nonetheless, it should not be forgotten that the Philippines is a small country in respect to India. India is a huge country with enormous human resources. All these factors are the major reasons behind the growing popularity of BPO services in India.

The Role of BPO Industry in Bettering Economical Condition of Countries

India has become the centre of attraction for the growth of outsourcing industry. Nonetheless the role of BPO in bettering the economic condition of the world is outstanding. BPO has gradually gained popularity in the recent years. It entered the business substructure all over the world tardily and gradually gained recognition.

The unlimited advantages related to the call centre industry have widened its limitations. Nowadays, BPO companies have not only got better in substructure but also have grown in numbers. Research shows that it has bettered the economic growth of countries. The Indian economy highly depends on foreign shares made through BPO industry.

BPO Industry

A business survives for the quality of services it offers. Maintaining proper quality is a mandatory requirement to make a business survive and to ensure its growth with each passing year. Additionally, BPO is a quality based industry and it can only draw the attention of people by offering quality BPO services. India and other developed countries focus on best quality services in order to earn the respect of the clients.

Manpower is a vital resource for running any business. It also ensures productiveness at its best. As a matter of fact, a company becomes popular for its people. If your business doesn’t have effective and quality human resource then the survival of that company will be at risk. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the call center companies is the abundance qualified workforce at a reasonable budget.

India -The Ideal Destination for BPO Services

BPO entails handling of business functions and duties to any outsourcing service provider. In the last few years, the BPO industry has emerged as a prominent sector in India. India has evolved as a favorite location for all kinds of outsourcing services from all over the world.

With varying requirements of the country, call centers in India are budding up offering quality outsourcing services to the offshore companies. Due to experienced human resource and latest technical support, the Indian BPO companies are yielding huge amount of profits for their client. As a matter of fact, the customer support service of the call centre industry is setting an example of the quality of service required.

BPO Services India
As language is a major roadblock in the optimum growth, many BPO companies are working hard to provide BPO services in different languages. This has encouraged the BPO companies to make marketing teams call the potential customers in a hassle free manner.

As India is a fast developing country, it is gradually gaining popularity and a favorite destination for the multinational companies from all across the globe to establish their BPO branches. These call center companies fulfill the requirements of the offshore companies and at the same time employ human resource to manage its business functions and also aid there partners located in India or any other country. Being a developing country, India has experienced and qualified human resource in billions which can be hired at a reasonable salary.