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An Overview of the Telemarketing concept

There is lots of myth popular among people about the concept of telemarketing. The reality about telemarketing is utilized by business entities of all sizes. They use it for the introduction of new products and services, ensuring complete client satisfaction, and fixing appointments with quality sales leads.

Nowadays, telemarketing is a direct marketing process which can assure the sale of any product or service. You surely want to increase your customer base and offer them best quality services to maintain a lasting relationship. It is one of the most effective methods of marketing and has been the reason of the success of numerous companies.

Telemarketing Concept

The call centre of Bello Vista Technologies Private Ltd offers B2C telemarketing services and different kinds of BPO services are offered through its inbound and outbound department. The services include lead generation, customer care, telemarketing and website based services.

Offshore telemarketing services offered through the outbound call center is one of the prime services offered by Bello Vista. Our services can help in generating leads, client database and getting new clients. When an offshore organization outsources their web and computer based services to Bello Vista, they derive the benefit of affordable price, and quality service by qualified human resource. We implement telemarketing service to offer different kinds of computer based services to customers from countries like USA, UK and Canada. The services ensure complete customer satisfaction and make them aware of the products and services that we offer. These are the different kinds of BPO services offered.

BPO Industry- a highly competitive industry in India

The BPO companies offer state of the art technical services to customers to make their work more convenient. It is the most competitive industry in India, as it utilizes latest technology and provides effective services. These services are provided to reduce the workload of big organizations and help them focus more on their core processes.

There are many companies which outsource its noncore functions to focus more on their business expansion strategies. India provides best quality BPO services among all other countries. The most essential element is the experienced human resource. The effectiveness of human resource is ascertained by the service quality and salary expenses of the organization. Since there is much availability of human resource in India at lower salary, it makes the industry much more competitive.

BPO Industry
BPO services are offered according to the necessity of the clients. The offshore companies outsource these services to India to their lessen operation cost and enjoy many other advantages. The inbound and outbound outsourcing is done with same effectiveness, to provide cost efficient services to the organization.

There are various kinds of services provided such as customer care, lead generation, fixing appointments, survey research, debt collection and realization, data entry and many more. An inbound call center services includes customer care services, in which the agents have to receive the calls of the customers and solve their queries. The services are provided by highly skilled agents who know how to handle the queries of the customer in a proper manner.

How to Evaluate the Values of BPO?

A company hires some outsourcing company or ties a contractual bond with a BPO company to do the business for the sake of the parent company. With the passage of time these business process outsourcing companies has advanced with certain growth coupled with the boon of globalization. BPO actually provides different services to the companies not only around the same geographical area but also far across different countries which we generally call off-shoring. Actually BPO determines the industry which provides excellent services to the host company. The services can comprise of production, customer service or even information technology and accounting services.


Actually, BPO concentrate on the information technology and the development services. One wing of BPO is customer service. BPO focuses on inbound customer services like consumer reservations, airline services and the outbound telemarketing calls. BPO also offers telemarketing services, back office functions, payroll services and the cash flow analysis services and many more to its’ customer base. BPO services may concentrate on engineering, designing, digitalization and the animation services. There are IT services that could have been purchased by several banks or other financial institutions or by some insurance companies. Customer services through different call center plays second position as far as the revenues are concerned. The parent companies opt for outsourcing services for much reason. The main concerns remain the same. These are cost reduction and the availability of skilled workers.

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