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Inbound BPO- Guidelines on promotion of products while attending customer calls

Are you aware of the call centers? Have you heard about the inbound call center? You should understand the distinction between an inbound and outbound call center and follow the guidelines of promotion for your business by utilizing an inbound BPO.


The name implies that an inbound call center is such a workplace where agents attend calls of customers made to the BPO. These calls are done to solve any query regarding any specific product or to complain about any troubleshooting which need to be resolved. On the other hand, an outbound BPO is such an outsourcing company that manages sales and marketing of products and services.

Nonetheless, there are examples where both the types of call centre work in a combined manner. In fact, research is conducted by combining both the methods, which revealed that the inbound and outbound BPO could be merged. The result will definitely enhance the sales figure. Some call centers offer both inbound and outbound services.

Speaking about Inbound Call Center, nothing can be more tedious than having a BPO agent selling your products when you have called to gather information about any specific product. Therefore, organizations should understand the techniques of pitching properly the products to be sold. Moreover, BPO organizations should start inbound telemarketing training programs. The most basic training that should be provided is detailed information about the products and services to be sold.


The BPO Companies of India Covering the Entire Corporate Sector

The benefits of the call centers of India have been extensively used by the corporate sectors to create numerous job openings. The jobs come along with creativity in training and assignment of new job responsibilities. Previously, call centers are only meant to offer inbound services.

The inbound call center is ideal for customer related or post sale services. Nowadays, call center service is also offered through outbound services and website related services which are much more advanced than any inbound BPO.

BPO Companies in India

Outbound call center services comprises of essential business strategies such as research by market, verification services, credit management. Among all these different categories, you need to realize that the business entities greatly depend on the performance of the inbound and outbound agents hired by the BPO Company. Some of the outsourcing services offered by the Indian BPO Companies are telemarketing, launch of products, prospecting and sales outsourcing. The credit management services comprise of collection, verification and authorization.

Verification services are employment verification, insurance verification and third party verification. Research of market is conducted by experienced people who look for the required information in the most favorable manner. Survey researches, opinion surveys, survey of client satisfaction are some instances of the market research conducted by various BPO companies in India.

BPO services in India have earned a reputation in the outsourcing industry. In India, any work is completed in a much more convenient manner than anywhere else. The huge population along with proper English speaking human resource is one of the major reasons behind the success of BPO industry in India.

The Lucrative Aspect of Availing BPO Services


Hiring any BPO company will not only offer you competitive upper hand but also free you from the increasing overhead expenses. In this way there will be no compromise with quality as BPO companies hire extremely proficient and professional employees only.  They mainly focus on offering complete customer satisfaction.

A BPO company mainly offers technical support, back office and call center services.  The call centers mainly offer Voice and Non voice services. The voice services can again be subdivided into inbound and outbound services. The inbound services are offered through phone using the voice mail service. Your customers will call on the inbound number regarding complaints, queries or any kind of orders.

Availing BPO Services

The customer service through an inbound call center helps to better the relation between a company and the customer.  It also betters your brand image before your potential customers. By hiring a BPO company, you prevent the expenses of hiring agents within your company. The agents of the international BPO performs round the clock to offer best quality customer care services.

On the other hand, the outbound services mainly comprise of telemarketing. A skilled call centre agent calls the prospective clients to make them purchase the products and services of the outsourced company. You can enhance the sales figure and generate sales leads for your business.  Different kinds of survey processes also form an integral part of outbound services. All these services betters the profitability of the outsourced company.