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Various Services Offered by the BPOs Today

The BPO culture has become very popular in the whole world. BPO better known as Business Process Outsourcing has become an integral factor for the success of many companies.  The BPO companies basically use specific skills or services on certain projects. Most businesses that avail such services are able to save money and also initiate efficiency, which ultimately leads to its growth.

With the development in technology and business strategies the BPO services have become more effective. Today they render various services to the businesses at competitive rates.  Web development and designing is the most common service outsourced by these agencies.  They use advanced tools and techniques to render such services. Even they offer application development services as a business requires many applications to run their organization efficiently.

Many BPO companies offer back office services which includes data entry, outsourcing, mortgage processing, web based services as well as the insurance claiming process. With the emergence of the BPO companies telemarketing has become more advanced which is mainly used for marketing supports. Another service the BPOs offer is customer care. In this service the callers takes care of the customers’ needs, solve their problems and answer all their queries. This is mainly provided by the Inbound Call Centers.  The last service offered by BPOs is the outbound calling. This includes selling their products to customers, providing information on their products or services as well as promoting their products.

 India has topped in providing these BPO services.  The BPOs of the country render effective services at competitive prices which other countries cannot. Today most of the first world countries depend on the Indian BPO services for their reliable serviceability.

Customer service improved with Technological Changes in Call Centers

With the introduction of IVR systems (interactive voice response software) there has been a change in call centre technology. This technology includes forwarding calls, automated messages speech recognition, and data processing. Today customer satisfaction is higher due to latest technologies used. Call centre technology is of a high standard these days.

IVR is a influential tool that provides several features. A call can be forwarded to the relevant department without any human mistake. Customer can also communicate with the system without human intervention.  IVR software includes management of dialogue and audio playback system too. It also includes data reporting facility. You can access data regarding average call duration and the busiest hours of call which would help in fruitful restructuring. Say in the busiest hours staff size can be increased and rest of the time it can be reduced.

IVR systems are user friendly and the staff can use it efficiently to handle any customer call.  Predictive dialers allow agent to speak to the customer for longer duration thereby leading to effective communication.  It has the ability to transfer the call when a live voice comes in. It also tracks the agent who is available on job at that time.

Filters have been used in inbound call centers in order to classify the customer according to their requirements and route it to an appropriate agent.IVR recognizes callers based on their responses or entries on keypad.  This also helps in profiling the callers and giving them to suitable agents.  Latest technology keeps your business connected with probable customers as well as improves the service quality.

Automatic Call Distribution facility controls call distribution. It directs the calls to diverse categories. It supports daily call summary by alarms, reporting and agents

Computer Telephony Interaction uses applications like Windows, UNIX in order to organize the entire phone system. It uses the Universal Phone System. Transferring calls, recovering voice mail, receiving incoming calls and recording call history as well as placing of external calls are part of functioning of CTI.

What is the Difference Between BPO and Call Center?

The terms like business process outsourcing and call center are often treated as same. The easiest answer to the fact may be that most of the companies like to establish their business in another country. However, there is no denying the fact that the process of BPO and call center often work in a different manner and have been established for different reasons. There are some factors below through which we can differentiate BPO from any call center.


BPO usually cater to diverse process within the business and the fact actually denotes that BPO cater for numerous aspects starting from “recruitment”, “payroll”, “accounting”, “back office work”, “customer service”, etc. Therefore BPO comprises a wide array of services that is primarily handled by the use of telephone such as attending the requests or the queries of the customers. Therefore BPO encompasses a variety of services in dealing with customer care and marketing. These BPOs can be categorized into two different units. One is the front office job delegated to satisfy the need of the customer and the back office BPOs that actually specialize in the internal processes are like “accounting”, “finance” and the “human resources”. Call centers are basically categorized on the basis of customer interaction. For example, the inbound call centers are dealing with calls that are being placed by the clients of the company where the outbound call centers are established to call the prospective customers.