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We believe that customer support is a backbone of every business. It is the key to retaining relationships and grow the business. Customer support is the face of the business. Any customer would perceive a business’s position with the experience they have with customer support rep. Every customer has their own moment of truth and therefore it is important to be able to plan for every need of a customer. It is nearly impossible to address 100% of all needs of the customers but it is absolutely possible to still make the customer satisfied with the resolution that we offer. Customer support is part of the relay race that was started by the sales person. Planning of customer support desk involves the following

customer support
1. Compliance of full product knowledge
2. Designing of inbound call script and campaign
3. Preparing objection handling rebuttals
4. Preparing clear goals for each customer support situation
5. Preparing the call flow
6. Planning of achieving first call resolution for all calls / cases
7. Technology set up – calls, emails and chat
8. Adhering to data security and data protection regulations
9. Hiring and training of support reps
10. Setting up the Quality & Compliance process
11. Hiring and training of Quality & Compliance Auditors
12. Scheduling
13. Hiring and training of supervisors
14. Managing call flow and data conversion
15. Designing and operating process improvement plan
16. Achieving sales and revenue targets
17. Designing incentive structure
18. Setting up and delivering daily, hourly, weekly and monthly reports
19. Designing and developing any necessary program that may be necessary
20. Set up Cross Sell / Up sell campaigns
- Focus on satisfactory resolution for customer needs
- Prompt availability 247/365
- Superior customer friendly attitude
- Fast turnaround time
- Constant process improvement plan and actions
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