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With inbound telemarketing a customer calls in to the call center after seeing some sort of advertisement for a new product or service. We assist all our clients in planning their telemarketing campaigns without any additional cost. Such planning involves many or all of the following activities

1. Adherence of telemarketing regulations
2. Country specific compliances
3. Designing of inbound call script and campaign
4. Preparing objection handling rebuttals
5. Technology set up
6. Adhering to data security and data protection regulations
7. Hiring and training of telemarketing reps
8. Setting up the Quality & Compliance process
9. Hiring and training of Quality & Compliance Auditors
10. Scheduling
11. Hiring and training of supervisors
12. Managing call flow and data conversion
13. Designing and operating process improvement plan
14. Achieving sales and revenue targets
15. Designing incentive structure
16. Setting up and delivering daily, hourly, weekly and monthly reports
17. Designing and developing any necessary program that may be necessary
18. Set up Cross Sell / Up sell campaigns

With us you will not need to worry about any aspect of your requirements. You will get everything you need and more under the same roof.

Who can use our outbound telemarketing services? Almost anyone. Example of such products and services but not all are listed below

- Flight Booking
- Holiday Booking
- Hotel Booking
- Cab Booking
- Car Booking
- Restaurants
- Warranty Renewals
- Insurance Renewals
- Mobile Phones
- Banking Products
- Events
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