Bello Vista Technologies is a well established IT firm that offers host of customized services at reliable quality and affordable rates.

Bello Vista is lead by its founders who happen to be associated with the industry since 2002. This rich experience helps Bello Vista design client specific solutions and delivering these successfully.

Our niche market is small to medium sized business and start up companies that need help at very affordable rates. We have been around since 2009 and have been helping business across the globe to focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.

With us you are always at complete peace of mind. We offer round the clock availability, flexible schedules, flexible rates, and various customized billing options. All this and more to suit your business needs and to ensure that you are able to make full use of outsourcing services without worrying about the associated costs.

Some of our services are designed to assist you in growing your revenue. Services like hot transfers and lead generation take care of your prospecting needs. We have what any business needs. We are very keen to working for you and deliver what you need. What’s more we don’t have any minimum body requirements. So don’t wait just ask.

Our round of clock availability ensures that you do not miss a single opportunity to interact with a prospect or customer. Our reps can be trained to answer calls on behalf of your business exactly the way you personally would answer the call. If you are a start up don’t hold back and just ask for assistance. Our rates can be customized in various ways so that these costs do not pinch you at all. Additionally we can up sell / cross sell your products and services on every call that we handle for you.

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