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Lead generation is the first step of sales process. Our lead generation service focuses on qualifying prospects, stimulating and capturing their interests. Our lead generation service is carried out purely through phone contact that ensures that every lead we submit is pre-qualified and has legitimate interest in your product or service. We design lead generation solution based on your need. Our lead generation services help your sales team hit their targets and add revenue to your bottom line.

Our effective lead generation services would get your sales people all the information they would need to go ahead and get their sales.

We can generate leads based on the following demography (limited list):

1. Age
2. Sex
3. Location
4. Health Condition
5. Financial Condition
6. Home Owner Status
7. Occupation
8. Education Status
9. Family Status
10. Type of Home

Why choose us?

 Pay per lead billing
 Voice recordings
 Complete knowledge of local regulations and compliances
 Campaign designing and development support for no additional cost
 No set up fee
 Weekly billing
 Leads can be capped by per day per week and per month
 Strict quality and compliance team
 Free training period of up to 3 days
 Month to month contract
 Constant process improvement planning
 Delivery of leads via proprietary program via real time email message
 Warm transfer of calls of interested prospects
 Appointment setting

With us you will not need to worry about any aspect of your requirements. You will get everything you need and more under the same roof.

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