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With the launch of millions of products and services for end consumers it has become a challenge for device manufacturers to cope up with the ever changing technology, rising operating costs and addressing customer needs at the same time. Bello Vista Technologies offers a very unique shared service for such technology companies to be able to help them keep their costs low without compromising their service levels.

Our technical support service helps the sustenance of service, product, software and application for its users. We are able to assist the customers in various phases right from development, designing, testing, delivering and supporting such products, services, software and application. Our strategic location ensures we have pool of people available for handling all such needs. To add to this our 24 hours availability on all days of the year is like icing on the cake. We can handle peak hours, off peak hours, weekends and even work during holidays. Allow us to take the pressure off your books as that is exactly what we do.

Who can benefit from our technical support services? Here is a limited list below:

1. Application developers
2. Software companies
3. SAAS companies
4. PC, Printers, Laptop, Peripheral and Security Companies
5. Handheld Device Manufacturers
6. Internet Service Providers
7. Direct to Home Satellite Service Providers
8. Cable Television Companies
9. VoIP Telecom Companies
10. Application based Service Providers
11. Hospitals
12. Schools
13. Universities
14. IT Enabled Products such as Toys, Games, Television, etc.
15. Home Security Companies
16. Ecommerce Solution Companies
17. Installation Companies
18. Logistics
19. Banks
20. Accountants and financial brokers
21. Small & medium sized enterprises
22. Retail stores

Why choose us?

 Flexible billing plans and shared resource availability
 No fixed costs. Pay per use availability
 Huge availability of Skilled Level 1 and Level 2 technicians
 Huge availability of skilled developers, programmers and designers available
 Peak hours, off peak hours, weekends and holiday cover

With us you will not need to worry about any aspect of your requirements. You will get everything you need and more under the same roof.

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